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Sericea Lespedeza hay is harvested, sun cured and pelletized. No additives or binders are use in this process. Sericea Lespedeza is All Natural and qualifies in all “Natural” programs.

Feeding Sericea Lespedeza can be an effective part of a parasite control program.

Effectiveness in controlling internal parasites has been shown when Sericea Lespedeza is 25% -100% of the animal’s total diet. 40%-75% appears to be most effective.

Research proven to aid in the prevention and control of Coccidiosis as well as reducing worm parasite infections in lambs.

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Research conducted at Dale Bumpers Small Farm Research Center. Booneville, AR.

Research supported by USDA grants.

Sericea Lespedeza is a natural alternative to commercial anthelmintic.

Research results available at: Sustainable Agriculture & Research Education (SARE) website