Product Info

Vita Charge Paste


Stimulates microorganisms to offset the negative effects associated with scours, weaning, hauling, showing and other stresses.


The correct balance of required minerals and vitamins.
Contains macro and micro minerals and essential vitamins to stimulate the immune system and appetite.

The Amaferm® advantage
Rumen microflora are very sensitive to stress. Stress can cause a slowing of the growth rates of the normal flora, which slows digestion and may encourage the development of harmful pathogens. Amaferm® stimulates the normal flora, increasing their growth rate and digestion during times of stress.

What value does it have in the animal?
Stress will increase nutrient requirements. Stress can decrease appetite as a direct result of slowed microbial growth rates. It stimulates the microbes, which in turn increases digestive function resulting in increased feed intake.


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