Boone County Conservation District Newsletter

Boone County Conservation District Newsletter

Summer 2018 edition

Nutrient Applicator Certification:   Do I need to be The Nutrient Management Applicator Certification Program is a program that operates under a state law requiring that persons applying nutrients (litter, sewer sludge, or commercial fertilizer) inside Arkansas Nutrient Surplus Areas be certified as a nutrient applicator with the state of Arkansas.  Any and all persons that apply nutrients to 2.5 or more acres containing nitrogen or phosphorus are required to obtain a certification through the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC)     

How do I know if my land is within the Nutrient Surplus Area? The Nutrient Surplus Area covers most of Boone County with the Crooked Creek and Buffalo Watersheds excluded.  For any other area in Arkansas, check out this website for a map: What is the difference between a private or commercial applicator? A Private Applicator is eligible to apply nutrients to land owned or controlled by him. A Commercial Applicator is certified to apply nutrients to land outside his ownership or control.  

What do I do to become certified? To become a Private Applicator, you must submit an application, attend a training course, and submit a certification fee of $30. To become a Commercial Applicator, you must submit an application and a certification fee of $60, attend a training course, pass a test, and pay a testing fee of $25. Certification is good for 5 years and must be renewed through ANRC. Training is offered periodically.  If you need to be certified in Boone County, please give us a call here at the office.