Product Catalog

  • Model Number: CHUTECOMBO-PINK

Combo Set of toys include:  Cattle chute, set of panels (4 panels per set) and Walk-through gate.

  • Model Number: WALKPNLCMB

Durable metal toy combo set.  Includes 1 walk-through gate and 4 panels.  Comes in your choice of colors:  Red, Green or Pink.

  • Model Number: CHUTE

Little Buster Cattle Chute:  Made with the highest quality in mind. Has two working gates: Rear sliding gate and side release gate. Powder coated for a durable long lasting finish.  Perfect for Schleich Animals.  Comes in tow colors: Red and Green.  x

  • Model Number: CHUTETLR

Cattle Chute Trailer - Perfect for hauling the Little Buster Squeeze Chute.