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Powell's 14% Cattle Cubes

Coming this week! Powell Feed will have a full line of non-GMO feeds!

Coming this week! Powell Feed will have a full line of non-GMO feeds!

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Lespedeza is a perennial legume that provides high quality, cost-effective forage protein.  Recent studies and research have been done on the Sericea Lespedeza pellets in regards to feeding it to small ruminants animals. Click here to read more.

A 15% protein 25% salt range meal formulated to supplument cattle with ample forage.

A 12% protein feed that is a blend of steam flaked corn and feed pellets with molasses. Formulated to suppliment multiple species.

16% protein, higher fiber cube formulated to help stretch your forage.

Commodity Blend 14% protein feed that is a blend of corn gluten pellets, soybean hull pellets, DDG pellets and corn.

Poultry Starter Medicated. 18% poultry feed formulated to grow chicks from hatch until laying age. Medicated with Amprolium.

Poultry Starter Non Medicated. 18% poultry feed formulated to grow chicks from hatch until laying age.

Specifically formulated for laying hens, our proven formula.

Pig and sow. 17% protein pellets formulated to gestating sows and growing pigs.

Hog grower finisher...14% protein pellets formulated to grow pigs from weaning until they are finished.

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A 12% protein textured sweet feed. Formulated to be fed to multiple species.

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This is a high quality deer feed.  Fortified with vitamins and mineral, alfalfa meal, corn, cotton seed meal and soy bean products makes this a very palatable supplement. Apple favoring makes it irresistible!

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A high fiber suppliment utilizing the high quality fiber of cotton seed hulls. Formulated to suppliment cattle when forage is in short supply. Will not disrupt fiber digestion.

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A complete feed formulated for all life stages of cattle.  Cottonseed hulls provide a source of fiber with corn and soy products for energy.

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A 20% Protein, 25%-30% Salt Mix contain high enough levels of CTC to aid in the prevention of Anaplasmosis.

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A 12% Protein supplement formulated for all life stages of multiple species.

A 14% pellet ration. Balanced for creep feeding calves or growing weaned calves. Can be fed to any class of cattle.

A high Magnesium mineral formulated for cattle on lush pastures. This is a mineral cattle will consume even on the most lush pastures.

A medicated weaning ration utilizing cotton seed hulls, alfalfa meal and multiple sources of protein. Very palatible. Can be fed by hand or free choice. Medicated with Aureomycin and Bovtec at the highest legal level to assist withy pneumonia and coccidiosis. 12.5% protein feed very palatable ration designed to be fed to cattle during high stress periods like weaning and receiving.

A seet, textured horse feed containing Animax pellets, Alfalfa pellets and ballnce with vitamins and mineral specifically for moderately active horses.

A cotton seed meal based high protein cube.

A pelleted ration nutritionally balanced for growing weaned catle or creep feeding.