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How Important Are Vitamins? -Mid-West Cattlemen News

I have been asked this question a lot in the last few weeks, and rightfully so with the recent supply shortage (and price hike) in the vitamin A and E markets. Less than a month ago, we could exceed the entire cow’s requirement of  vitamins A, D and E for less than a penny per day in a free-choice mineral. Today, this same vitamin nutrition is costing the producer close to 2 pennies per head per day.

Managing Your Newly Weaned Calf

Providing a healthy and productive transition for the newly weaned calf should be the number one priority for a cow-calf operation. Stop and think about the amount of resources (cost) that have gone into raising a weaned calf. The cow has been fed nine months during gestation and good nutrition has been supplied to that cow and calf for six to eight  months up to weaning.

The term fetal programming comes up a lot in nutrition discussions on cow -calf operations. It seems to be the new buzzword in the research community, but I think we can get lost in all specific methods and results and forget its true meaning. Fetal programming is simply applying good nutrition and management practices all the time.

Calf scours and their treatment

When a calf develops scours it easily has the ability to kill them if not identified and treated properly. Scours, in its basic definition, is severe dehydration causing frequent and watery diarrhea. Quite often when a calf has scours, it will always be thirsty and try to drink anything that it can in large quantities.

KEEP ONE EYE ON THE WEATHER AND THE OTHER EYE ON THE COWS For a majority of beef cattle producers, spring is calving season. That means a busy time, especially with weather challenges. Planning for all possibilities is the best way to prepare for a successful calving season, according to Dr. Patrick Davis, livestock specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

While it is the first of June and most producers are concerned with getting hay put up for winter feeding, its also the opportune time to start thinking about marketing strategies for those spring born calves. As cow-calf producers we have very little influence on what market prices are. What we can influence is the “Quantity” and “Quality” of calves we produce.