Four Basic Steps To Milking A Cow By Hand

 Four Basic Steps To Milking A Cow By Hand

Milking a cow is considered a fairly simple task in the farming world but in actuality it requires many important and essential steps. Here are four steps to milking a cow by hand:

Timing and routine is everything
Cows are accustomed to routines and therefore you should get into one too. You should milk your cow twice a day at the same time every day. Also, following the routine part, always sit on the same side of the cow so she knows exactly what you’re doing.

Cleanliness counts…

Make sure that everything is clean. This includes your hands, the cow’s udder, the cloth you use to clean the udder and the milk pail. Cleanliness should be one of your top concerns to help prevent your cow from getting diseases such as mastitis.

…so does safety
Remember, you are putting your body near the animal that has very powerful legs and might be willing to use them on you. If you are unsure of how your cow will act while getting milked, be sure to use a stanchion. Also, you should always be in a position to make a quick “escape.” Don’t even sit cross-legged on the ground when milking a cow. In most cases it’s probably best to use a stool.

Getting to the logistics
After placing your pail, it’s time to start by milking the cow. Start by gently squeezing the teat at the top with your thumb and index finger. Slowly work your way down by adding one finger at a time to the teat until all of your fingers are on it. This will force milk into the pail. Continue until the milk flow has substantially slowed and the udder feels soft.