Calf scours and their treatment

Calf scours and their treatment

When a calf develops scours it easily has the ability to kill them if not identified and treated properly. Scours, in its basic definition, is severe dehydration causing frequent and watery diarrhea.

Quite often when a calf has scours, it will always be thirsty and try to drink anything that it can in large quantities. The problem with this, however, is that the calf will most likely go to the dam to get milk. This is usually something that makes the problem worse.

If you think you have this problem, consult a veterinarian immediately. Often times a vet will recommend giving the calf a warm electrolyte solution to try and restore its fluids. Another solution the vet may offer is use of an antibacterial drug to remove bacteria from the calf’s stomach.

Once again, if you suspect your calf may have scours the best thing to do will be to contact your vet immediately. Getting the solution to the problem that will save your animal is obviously the most important thing you can do.

Source: CattleToday