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Barn Winterization Checklist

Whether you farm just a few acres, raise any type of livestock or oversee a large commercial agricultural operation, your barn is a critical structure in winter. It shelters your stock from cold, protects your gear from snow and ice and stores supplies for storms.

Interpreting Forage Analysis Results

By now, hay should be made and stored away and it’s time to think about optimizing cost in your winter feeding program. In fact, aside from depreciation cost of the cow, winter feed cost is the largest expense on a cow-calf operation. Focusing on optimizing cost in a winter feeding program might be the best way to maximize profit in your operation.

Fall Pet Allergies

As the heat and humidity of the summer begins to wane, many of us look forward to the cooler, fall weather and, at least in the northeast, the beauty of the changing foliage. For many of us including our pets, this change of season is the start of fall allergies. Cats and dogs have seasonal allergies (atopy or allergic dermatitis) to mold and pollen just like we do. The main difference is the way in which they show it.

Managing Your Newly Weaned Calf

Providing a healthy and productive transition for the newly weaned calf should be the number one priority for a cow-calf operation. Stop and think about the amount of resources (cost) that have gone into raising a weaned calf. The cow has been fed nine months during gestation and good nutrition has been supplied to that cow and calf for six to eight  months up to weaning.